Project Overview

The Alpine Power Plant will ensure clean, reliable energy and affordable electric rates for Wolverine’s members.

Fast Facts

  • Location: Elmira Township, Michigan
  • Technology: Simple cycle gas turbine
  • Fuel: Natural gas
  • Type: Peaking plant
  • Investment: Approx. $175 million

Visual Appearance

Aerial View

The plant’s geographic footprint will be relatively small. It will measure approximately 600 ft by 600 ft, about the size of a soccer stadium.

Plant Entrance

The plant is sited on the north side of M-32 between Flott Rd and Camp Ten Rd. The facility will be well screened by trees and landscaping.

Alpine Power Plant Height

At just 100 feet tall and nestled in the trees, the plant will be far less visible than other types of infrastructure.


Project Timeline





Enhances electric reliability

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Enhances electric reliability

The way electricity is made is changing. Renewable generation, like wind and solar, is on the rise and older coal plants will soon be closing. The Alpine Power Plant will ensure electric reliability through this transition by generating power with clean, natural gas.  

Environmentally Friendly

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Environmentally Friendly

This clean natural gas facility will emit virtually no sulfur or mercury. Designed to be flexible, it complements Wolverine’s renewable generation portfolio with its ability to start operating quickly when renewable generation isn’t readily available due to lack of wind or sunshine.

Local Economic Impact

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Local Economic Impact

With an estimated investment of $175 million (including potential transmission upgrades), the Alpine Power Plant is expected to provide significant tax revenue to local units of government in Otsego County, as well as the Gaylord Public School System.

Cooperatively Owned

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Cooperatively Owned

Wolverine is a not-for-profit cooperative owned by and operated for the benefit of the member-owners it serves. Profits and earnings generated by the co-op are allocated back to the member-owners. The board of directors that governs Wolverine is elected by the membership.


Environmental Impact

 The Alpine Power Plant will have a minimal environmental impact on the surrounding area.


A noise study concluded that from the road, sound levels from the Alpine plant will measure approximately 60 A-weighted decibels (dBA). Comparatively, a normal conversation between two people in an office or restaurant setting is approximately 60 dBA as well. noise


Running on clean natural gas, the Alpine Power Plant will produce virtually no mercury and minimal sulfur dioxide. Compared to the Midwest regional average the plant will produce about one-half the amount of carbon dioxide, and six times less nitrogen oxide.

Nitrogen Oxide


Carbon Dioxide


Sulfur Dioxide




About Wolverine

Owned by the members we serve, Wolverine is a not-for-profit cooperative. We provide wholesale power and transmission services to five electric distribution co-ops, and two alternative electric suppliers.

To provide outstanding service to members by delivering reliable, competitively priced power supply
Member Service– Wolverine exists for and strives to provide an unsurpassed level of service to its members.

Integrity– Wolverine adheres to the highest ethical standards in business interactions.

Environmental Stewardship– Wolverine is committed to the thoughtful use of environmental resources in Michigan.

Commitment to Employees– Wolverine offers opportunities for personal and professional growth and supports community and family.

Megawatt capacity
Miles of transmission lines
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News & Updates

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“Big Red Crane” Moves to Alpine Power Plant

Moran Iron Works (MIW) relocated the “Big Red Crane” from Port Calcite in Rogers City, Michigan to the Alpine Power Plant in Gaylord, Michigan for the installation of two exhaust systems for Wolverine Power Cooperative [...]

Wolverine Celebrates the Arrival of the Alpine Turbines

The two natural gas turbines for the Alpine Power Plant have had a long journey on the railroad. They left Greenville, South Carolina in mid-November and wound their way through the countryside, stopping in Birmingham, [...]

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Vendors and contractors interested in providing goods and services for the Alpine Power Plant are encouraged to complete an application. Wolverine Power Cooperative will maintain a database of potential vendors and contractors, selecting registered, qualifying companies as opportunities arise.

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