Eligibility And Terms And Conditions Involved In Euroloan Pikaluotto

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Eligibility For Obtaining A Loan Requisition With Us

You are required to issue basic demographic and employment info as per below list and provide us with facts on the boat you are engrossed in buying or refinancing.

  • One should be a responsible citizen of Polish Republic.
  • Should possess appropriate proofs. For instance- Passport, ID card, etc.
  • Should have complete legal genuine records.
  • Should have a bank account.

Terms And Conditions In Agreement With Loans

Emolument required to obtain the loan procedure is concluded in the loan agreement. It is with a respective to the provisions of Polish law, the Act of 23 April 1964. – Civil Code (Journal of Laws No. 16, pos. 93, poz.zm.) and the Act of 12 May 2011.

Further charges are penalized only on none payment of scheduled & timely loan repays. Loan extension repayment is taken into consideration only for crucial reasons.  Additional charges are applicable for extension of loan repay periods. The extension period may vary from 5 to 60 days depending on the agreement.